We Care For Our Customers and Consigners: 70% of Sale Goes Back to You

Its hard giving up your loved high end items, so let us help you. 

Here at Closet Cravings, we are always searching for sellers to partner with who can assist us in providing quality, authenticated handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories that our loyal consumers are looking for. Not only are you helping the environment by contributing to high-end consignment, but you also gain your money back on items that you no longer desire. Closet Cravings offers a 30/70 split on the sale of luxury items, so you receive the most amount of money back for your goods! Not only do we give consigners 70% of the deal for their luxury items, but we also authenticate every luxury item that comes through our doors, so our customers can be assured that what they are purchasing is genuine.

Our high-end consignment items fee is 30% of the selling price, and you get to keep 70%.

Please call our store at (519) 956-9977 if you have any questions or want to make an appointment with us.

Rest easy, knowing you’re working with a high-end consignment brand trusted and loved by many.

Closet Cravings Inc
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