Upgrade Your Bag Game: How to Convert Any Clutch or Bag into a Crossbody with Closet Cravings' Conversion Kits


Do you want to make your luxury makeup bag into a purse? Or are you tired of carrying a clutch or bag by hand all day? Do you wish you had the option to go hands-free? Nothing can be more annoying than having a stunning clutch or pouch and wishing to have hands-free access. However, there is a fix for this! With these simple steps, you can turn almost any of your bags into a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag with a conversion kit. 


burberry crossbody bag 


A conversion kit consists of two metal bars placed within the pouch/purse and a crossbody chain that attaches. The conversion kit consists of two bases with loops, which can be unattached to place on the purse or clutch, and a crossbody chain. We currently have the kits available for purchase on our website and in-store. Click here to explore or purchase. Below is a step-by-step process to help you convert any clutch or bag into a crossbody using a conversion kit.


Step 1: Choose your bag

The first step is to choose a bag that you want to convert. The bag can be a clutch, makeup pouch, handbag, or anything else! For this step-by-step how-to, we are using a Burberry Makeup pouch, which is available online and in-store for purchase. 

 burberry check makeup bag


This Burberry makeup bag is available here and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


Step 2: Purchase a Conversion Kit

Next, you will need to purchase a conversion kit. These kits typically come with a crossbody strap and attachments to connect the strap to your bag. At Closet Cravings, we have a variety of conversion kits available for purchase in silver and gold. Click the link below to purchase. 

 crossbody conversion kit for purse


We have conversion kits available online in gold and silver. Click here to explore or purchase.


Step 3: Assess The Bag

Assess the bag using the small metal attachments that come with the kit. Look under the ends of the zipper line to see if there is a small opening. If there is no zipper, find two areas on each side of the bag that will be the perfect spot for the base of the strap to go. You may need a seam separator or small scissors to make a small hole, but don’t be nervous. You only need a small opening. The hole you are making will not effect the bag, as you will be putting the hole within the seem or at the end of the zipper. There are several youtube videos to help you do this. Click here for a makeup bag conversion and here for a Louis Vuitton Pochette conversion. 

 burberry crossbody bag makeup pouch


Step 4: Unscrew The Base and Loop

With the two small metal loop attachments, unscrew the hoop from the base.


conversion kit base

conversion kit crossbody bag screw


Step 5: Place The Base

Place the screw end of the base within the bag's interior, with the screw piece sticking out. Push the screw through the small opening, to be exposed the exterior. The base consists of a ball to keep inside the bag and not slip through the hole and has a small screw-on attachment for the loop to be placed.

 how to make a clutch a crossbody

how to make a crossbody out of any bag



Step 6: Attach The Loop

With the base set in place, take the loop and carefully screw it on. Once it is screwed on, the base and loop should be stable and not move. The metal material of the base makes for an incredibly durable foundation for the chain, which can then be used without fear of deattaching. 


crossbody conversion kit hoop for strap

crossbody conversion kit for purses


Step 7: Attach The Chain

The final step is to hook the chain to the loops. Attach the lobster claw of the crossbody chain to the loops on each side. 


crossbody conversion kit


Step 8: Test it out

Once the strap is attached, test it out by wearing the bag crossbody style. 

 burberry makeup bag crossbody conversion kit


And there you have it! You can convert almost any clutch or bag into a crossbody using a conversion kit with a few simple steps. At Closet Cravings, we have all the supplies you need to make this transformation. Visit us today to purchase a conversion kit and enjoy the convenience of a crossbody bag.

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