Invest in your closet!

Invest in your closet!

Here you will find tips and tricks to keep your clothing and accessories pristine....

Always do a test spot and let sit for 24 hours before committing to the entire item. HELP!  " I have ink all over the inside lining of my purse".  Pull out the lining and pour a cap full of rubbing alcohol on the ink, place the purse with the lining pulled out on an old towel and let sit overnight. The following day take a wet clean white cloth and wipe the treated area, you should see the ink begin to transfer from the lining onto the white cloth. If it is a stubborn stain, you may have to repeat this process 4-5 times until the ink is gone.  If this doesn't remove all of the ink, follow up with a damp Magic Erase sponge.

 Canvas purses for example a coach monogram canvas bag. These can get pretty dirty and worn over time. Grab a clean white rag and wipe down with water scrubbing gently, then use upholstery cleaner on the spots or on the whole bag, we prefer the foam kind. Rub it in and let sit over night, sometimes adding a half a drop of Dawn dish soap helps too.  Let dry on it's own.

Use a leather lube on real leather handbags and watch it come back to new condition before your eyes. We have found this to work better than most creams and sprays. Lube has almost a vaseline like consistency. Let sit for a few hours after application, then wipe gently with a paper towel or clean white cloth. 

Have you ever heard of Carbon Pro?  This product will save your life, and that gorgeous light colored handbag.  If you have ever purchased a light colored bag only to be disappointed when you find the die from your jeans has stained your bag.  This is the product for you.  BEFORE, you take your bag our for it's first spin, spray the bag with Carbon Pro to stop any color from transferring.


Always freshen up your black or brown shoes with shoe polish. Wipe the inside and sanitize all shoes with a disinfectant wipe to keep shoes clean and fresh.

White soled shoes, We know how fast they get dirty and marked up! Simply throwing them in the washing machine will not work. Grab a magic eraser and add a little water. Give a light scrub around the perimeter of the shoe and voila. This should come up like new!

Use a clothes shaver to remove an pilling from your favorite clothing.  We recommend a battery operated one available at most big box or drug stores and are inexpensive.  A tip for your battery operated clothing shaver is to not press hard on the fabric, lightly go over spots that have created balling because if you press too hard it will rip the garment. 


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